4d. King Prawn Pathia

Spicy king prawns cooked in a delicious sweet and sour tamarind sauce with curry leaves, really tasty.
£ 14.85

4e. Prawn Himali

King prawns marinated with home ground spices, slowly cooked with fresh spinach, herbs, onion and tomato sauce.
£ 14.85

4f. Jingha Masala

Delicately spiced king prawns served in a mild creamy tomato and onion sauce.
£ 14.85

4g. King Prawn Chilli

Barbecued king prawns prepared with spicy tomato sauce, green chillis and herbs.
£ 14.85

Dalcha Prawn

King prawn cooked with lentils in a sweet and sour sauce.
£ 14.85